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From Canvas To Chorus

Exploring Poetry

“Don't use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.”

~ Jack Kerouac

Our IP1 Language Arts students thoroughly enjoyed hearing from various voices, both local and global, as part of an introduction to poetry. As they explored different poetic forms and a wide range of themes, our students also made their own first foray into writing their own verses. Experimenting with different creative writing prompts as they went along, students grew confident in giving free rein to their inner budding poet and sharing their works of art. From writing odes in various striking shapes and creating blackout poems from Arthur Yap’s “an afternoon nap” to devising and performing their own free verse in groups, our IP1 students have mastered the ability to appreciate and exalt the poetic in the world around them. We hope you enjoy exploring their creative footprint! 

Odes to a myriad of fascinating objects, courtesy of 1D
Blackout poems of Arthur Yap’s “An Afternoon Nap”
Students from 1A bring their original poems to life through performance
Original poems devised for Choral Speaking from 1B and 1C
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