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 By Audrey Goh and Meredithe Peh
By Grace Yeong and Amanda Yap
By Emma Zheng and Krithika Kailasam
By Pam Poh and Raja Mithun

Our IP1s got up close and personal with college leaders to ask them their burning questions about leadership, success and failures while putting together soundbites of the lessons learnt from these interviews in this podcast module. Not only did they learn important skills of listening and scribing interview transcripts but they also learnt to curate and capture the information by putting their own unique spin in their podcasts!   

Up close and Personal

By Nadine Rashidi and Jessica Yang
By  Evangeline Liew and Emma Lee
By Shauna Chew and Kaedy Thong
By Hayden Woan and Chen Jay Le
By Rashana Ram and Ariel Yew
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