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4A Podcasts

By Liv, Sofia Navya and Eunice

By Charlotte, Boyu, Yifei and Aleena

By Jalene, Yanling, Yuexi and Zhihan 

By Timothy, Zhexian, Sidney and Xuan Li

By Samuel, Phong, Ishneet and Peter

By Hoy Hou, Li Jun, Taarun and Wei Zhi

By Charmaine, Charmian, Celeste, Nicolle and Yukyiu 

How can youths connect abstract theories to real-world issues and dilemmas? Where can they explore their identities safely? How can young people be encouraged to stand up and advocate for issues they believe in? Look no further! Listen to these heartfelt, heart-warming, and at times downright hilarious PODCASTS to understand what matters to the youths of TJC!


Project Vox Populi

In Term 2, the IP4 cohort had to put their brains and (digital) brawn together to create a 5-minute podcast relating to the topics of Globalisation, Identity and Responsibility. Listen to their stories and be inspired to explore your own.

4C Podcasts

By Param, Vishal, Clarence and Suraj

By Swen, Shereen, Shania and Valerie

By Eslyn, Vivien, Kit Shane and Soohye

By Christelle, Tanusri, Jiawei, Qi En and Yuan Fang

By Arthur, Jun Rong, Aditya and Pradyoth

By Annabella, Elvernice, Kristen, Jillian and Li Ling

By Ryan Koh, Yau Le Qi, Justin Teo and Jun Peng

4D Podcasts

By Li Han, Jing Wen, Cher Huan and Wan Ting

By Judah, Zigang, Le Zhen and Zhaoyi

By Si Min, Zetong, Fionn and Melanie

By Poh Xuan, Vienne, Veda and Jun Jie

By Rui Xin, Aalizah and Ariel

By Janson, Peng Zheng, Yilin, Xuan Rong and Shannen

By Mei Xuan, Kayla, Phoebe, Ashlyn and Mikaela

4E Podcasts

By Xinyue, Hou Tsing, Yu Jie and Angel

By Kloe, Justin, Zhuo Hong and Andric

By Isabel, Erina, Agnes, Gordon and Li-Anne

By Natalie, Andrea, Faith, Lisa and Phoebe

By Lynnette, Nixon, Melanie, Eileen and Yee Fey

By Charlotte Morel, Charlotte Eng, Li Xuan, Xin Yi and Natalie

4F Podcasts

By Shilin, Gilda, Hannah and Fairuj

By Sarah Wee, Shania and Muskan

By Kenneth, Ryan, Nicklaus and Zhen Hao

By Jenell, Farah, Claudia and Sarah

By En Ting, Rebecca, Anusha, Najwa and Chee Herng

By Aashi, Aye Wai, Hoi Sum, Hui Bin and Stella

4B Podcasts

By Liv, Sofia Navya and Eunice

By Poornima, Adrika, Shreya, Lecia and Denise

By Tricia, Shu Ying, Xin Hui, Vera and Chloe

By Jieying, Tarsilla, Kimberlee, Lisa and David

By Cassandra, Jaden, Stephanie, Kirana and Shania

By Warren, Celestine, Christine, Regina and Hui En

​To view the podcasts on Spotify, click here:

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