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1. Imagine you are Planet Earth, what would you say to humans?

Dear Humans,

Thank you for keeping me companied all these years. I really enjoy hearing your laughter, which is music to my ears, and your tiny feet tickling me with each step you take. All these definitely made my day. Unfortunately, recently I have been seeing something dark looming faster with each day towards me. Something sinister that I am sure you are well aware of. You have to do something about it and save me and yourselves before it is too late!

The scorching hot sun blistering in the sky, causing beads of perspiration to form within seconds, and haze so thick that you can barely see something two meters away from you. You wonder, how does fresh air smell like? What does it feel like to have cooling weather? As you amble on the streets, a strong stench wafted your nose and you could not help but feel nauseous. You follow the smell to find a lake, pond, river or sea scattered with an island of rubbish and dead fishes floating all over on the surface. You wonder, what does crystal clear water look like? Every day, you would have to wear a mask just to go out and you see multiple people coughing profusely. As you watch the news, regularly there would be a species of animal extinct, people dying and cities drowned due to the rising water level. You wonder, when will I see an end to this? In this situation, it would be sheer bliss just to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

This sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? It would be hard to imagine living in an ominous world like this. Nonetheless, this will be your future if you do not put a stop to climate change and global warming. Therefore, I am giving you a mission to put an end to all these now. For yours and my sake, please stop all your actions that are harmful to the environment. I have done my part by putting my best foot forward into keeping the ozone layer together but my condition is deteriorating rapidly. This is the best I can do, our future lies in your hands. I believe you can save all of us.

This is what you will need to do. For the government, try to shut down as many factories as possible and find an alternative for burning fossil fuels to produce electricity and trees to clear land because it is polluting the air very severely. Not only the government, but every one of you also have a role and a part to play in this. Firstly, be responsible and do not litter. This is primarily because it is polluting and causing deaths of numerous animals when they swallow the plastic, thinking that it is food. It pains me to see my poor animals suffering like that. Next, ensure that you do not do illegal poaching. In addition, please try your best to cut down on your bathing time to reduce water wastage and remember to off the lights when they are not in use to conserve energy. Most importantly, do not forget to recycle, reduce and reuse! These may be small acts but if everyone does it, it would make a great impact. Please stop destroying nature to get what you want. Have you ever questioned? Why is it that you can sacrifice nature for your own benefit but you cannot sacrifice anything for nature? We all know that we should give and take. It is now time to give back to nature.

I don’t have much time left. I am counting on every single one of you to save us and you have to do it fast. I know we will succeed as long as you try your best and do exactly what I say. I really hope that you will cooperate with me to make this world a better place for us, our future generations, and a place that we will be proud to call our home. Together, let us fight climate change together!

Yours faithfully,


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