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Nature’s pleas

Greyed out rivers and raging seas Are just some of my anger in which you can see For despite my love, my work, my dreams, You treat me as if I'm no living thing

Lightning storms and ruined trees Oh, how my heart aches For something you do not see.

Brutal killings, crumbing ashes Why don't you understand, Why can’t you see? I’m raging, I'm hurt And I can't think!

I cared for you, gave you a home. But you’re just slowly killing me off. We were once happy, I remember, I see. But now I realise I shouldn't have believed.

My tears are flowing Like saltwater lakes I was beautiful Full of life Full of light Then you came.

I welcomed you with open arms! Gave you a home! A hearth. A life.

But you scarred me. You destroyed me. Now I feel lifeless. Grey. Dead. Please, I beg you, turn back and help! I'll give you one more chance! Fix me.

I'm sorry, I really am. But the damaged you’ve done Has been messing things up It's not my doing. It's yours.

Yours to fix

Yours to care for

For if I perish so do you

This is my last warning to you

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