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Today’s Youth is able to make a huge difference when it comes to climate change. We have the resources and knowledge to do so but many of us shrug it off because we are not directly affected by it but the planets temperature is increasing consequently. We are taught about global warming in school yet there is no positive drastic change in our situation. The temperature is inevitably going to rise higher and higher and it will become much more of a serious issue than it is now, later in the long run. We cannot prevent that, but we can slow it down.

Nearly everyone is on social media nowadays. While being on it has it cons, there are huge platforms on the internet where posts can gain publicity with the help of just a few hashtags. Something as simple a post with a powerful message can touch people. If you are passionate about it then people will listen to you, they will share the message ,they will remember it and they will act on it.

Although traditional ways of social concerns are not as relevant nowadays, they are still effective. If you are artistic, posters and comics are good ways to get your messages across people too. As long as they are striking and memorable and a factor that will easily catch peoples’ attention , the message will stay. They can be put up on walls in common places where the right people can see them .

If you are good with words, then you can speak at public events or in school. With a license from the authorities, you can also hold protests. Protests show up in newspapers often and I do see videos of them circulating online quite often. Videos of them can receive publicity online and they can be viewed by people who did not get the chance to while it was going on. We can record videos of ourselves speaking on the matters and post them on platforms like Youtube where your message can reach people all around the global. Even the comments you post videos regarding Climate Change can reach people. Sharing videos and pictures of protests in social media updates can help raise awareness too.

Events can be made revolving around the theme of helping to fight Climate Change. You can advertise your event with the help of infographics, brochures and posters. You can get your friends and school staff involved. We can look at the bigger picture and vote for leaders who take climate change seriously because leaders are important public figures who people will look up and listen to. If you are too young, you can always encourage your parents to do so.

Everyone can get their voice heard if you are passionate about what you are speaking about it and there are many ways of doing so! We are the ones responsible for the state of the situation in the future and we should do whatever it takes to help save lives. If we all do our part in helping to raise more awareness to this serious issue that is progressively getting worse, we can definitely slow it done and help save our planet.

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