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Simply because I am beneath your feet does not imply that I am your captive and that you can manipulate me as you please. I bestow the circumstances for living things such as forests that rise higher than you, pesky homo sapiens.

After all I gave, is this what you do to me? You seized my trees. You clasped my soil. You poisoned my air. What else are you conspiring against me? What did I do to earn such merit? I am continually giving, and you are persistently snatching them from me. This situation has to take a turn. But, I suppose that is just a far-fetched vision. I am sure humans won’t let it take effect. Is this how you regard me? You are looking upon me with hardly any respect. Do I look in any sense inferior to you?

You are wrecking every inch of me. Some of you may act innocent and voice, “I did nothing. I am not harming you!” Yes, you did try to harm me! You shall not make a fool out of me! I have been letting you, homo sapiens, off the clutch all these days. But not anymore, I will not show mercy to those who do not deserve it. Humans are full of greed for lavishness and convenience. You take every measure just to get your dreams fulfilled.

You dumped landfills on my soil. Landfills such as food waste decompose and produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Well, you know what it does. It confines heat in this atmosphere. You combusted fossil fuels of animals and plants that existed millions of years ago for your demands. And that produces carbon dioxide, yet another greenhouse gas, trapping more heat which will scorch me. Do you even realize how sweltering hot it is? Do you know I suffer from burns in various parts of my body? The forests in various parts of my body burn, causing me to burn too. Yes, you endure the warmth as well, but you can shield yourself from the sunlight. You own a blade that rotates in the air; I suppose you name it the fan; to cool you down and not feel too hot. You possess a machine that blows cool air too; I think you name it the air cooler or air conditioner or something of that sort…. Argggh... I am unable to remember human terminologies. Coming back to my point, do you, homo sapiens, know that I have nowhere to hide? Somewhere, a part of my body is smouldering. Do you not know about it? You poison my water. You pump chemicals into streams and seas. Contamination of water troubles and sometimes endangers the lives of many plants and animals. Who will speak up for them? What do those innocent living things do? You ungrateful homo sapiens. You cut down trees that give you oxygen, the most critical thing for you to stay alive. As the number of trees decreases, the amount of carbon dioxide increases, leading to more problems in nature. These are just a few of the many problems you have provoked.

Trust me, if you respect, appreciate me and do not harm me and my creations, I will help you to my utmost ability wholeheartedly. I offered you everything I had, but you took everything for granted. The very least you could do is to not cause harm for me and my creations. Homo sapiens, please work towards change.

I, Mother Earth, have been showering you with everything that you need despite having to sacrifice myself often, just like your human mother. I am your mother too. It is a son and daughter’s duty to protect and care for their mother. Mother is a lady who raises her children and will make sacrifices for her child. I have been doing that too. But you have not been protecting and caring for me. Please halt climate change, even if it is not for me, at least for your future generations. I can never express the amount of pain I feel. I know some individuals are working to bring about the change, but they do not have adequate support. I believe in you, humans, you can establish this world as a better place.

Please, I beg you, humans, save me. Currently, I feel like I am living a nightmare. Awaken your inner spirituality, humans! Strive towards change!

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