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Found Poem By Tan Rui Huan Sherlynn_3D


Before the baby’s first cry,

he rolled her face into the cinders—

held it. Gripping (her) sinewed neck,

(he hefted) up his axe,

(watching) the cleanness

of its arc.

A single blow.

He stared in the mirror,

the blood (telling) as blood will,

feeling like a heap of shit.

Just when the tale

should have come to an end,

behind him, he watched as she (rose),

the hairs on (her) head (turning into) filthy snakes,

her helpless arms (finding) strength in wings.

Her breath soured,

(stinking) in the grey bags of her lungs.

Her--no, its presence choked him.

This body, so recently reformed, reclaimed,

shook (the) father until his teeth rattled and

dropped him sprawling on his knees.

Still, what could (he) do?


there’s a voice (outside).

“Ella, is that you?”

A moment’s hesitation.


(she) might be happy ever after with

(her) mother.

Tears in (her) eyes,

the daughter soared to join her mother.

A narrow, iron bedstead

on which he lay, sadly diminished,

the chill wind with a mournful rustle,

she left him with a fate worse than death,

for grief is a powerful thing

and so ends the tale of the woodsman’s daughter.

Adapted from:

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