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"Identity" by Julianne Wong 2E/20

Updated: Nov 26, 2021


There’s this deep longing in me to find it

yet I never can.

I can go anywhere I want

just not home.

Confusion bottled within me all the time

whenever I’m asked a simple question, “what’s your family traditions like?”

I am reduced to a stuttering mess.

it should be simple, embracing both your cultures,

being pleased that infused within me

flows the blood and love

of two very distinct backgrounds.

But it is anything but easy.

I fit into neither of them.

respecting and abiding by the rules of one

neglects the mandate of the other.

And so the roots of my heritage;

remain hazy and obscure.

Even to the owner

of this dual identity.


Through my poem, the main message that I wanted to convey was empathy for those who have a background of multiple races. In my opinion, the struggles of comprehending and practising traditions for multi-racial individuals are overlooked. Feelings of alienation and not being able to fit into either side due to the cultural variations are m

ore common than we think. Prior to interviewing my parents, I was unaware that there were heaps of traditions I was unable to partake in due to the clash of beliefs from both cultures. Regardless of the fact that I understood this measure was necessary out of mutual respect for both slides, I was defeated and discontented nonetheless, hence inspiring me to write this poem about one’s identity.

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