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Poem by Akanksha 2E/20

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Been listening to the Mahabharata tales since I was a child

Behold them all - stately prices, aristocratic queens to demons wild!

Arjuna’s valour had me always feeling super pumped

Mum tells me, on the Kurukshetra war cry, I always jumped.

Bhima’s strength and Yudhisthira’s fairness intrigued me

These stories - interwoven, complicated but they set me free

Grandma always says “Mahabharata is the ultimate essence of life”

Honesty, family ties, integrity, responsibility, morality, duty and strife

I shall carry these values always, all along

Love, friendship, family, social standing - regardless

Ultimately, only the right triumphs over the wrong.

An immortal lore which takes me back to my roots,

I shall go places but this is where I belong.


The main focus in this poem is on the mythological war, ‘Mahabharata’ it has been a big part of my life since childhood and one of the key reasons to me being interested in history. I didn't really need to interview my grandparents or my mother since we talk a lot about our culture and the things relating to it on a daily basis. Since the Mahabharata is one of my favourite parts of my culture I decided to base my poem on that. The last part is one of my biggest views on any culture and tradition as a whole. It highlights how culture is something which is deeply-rooted and cannot be left behind easily. Our traditions are what anchor us and our moral values.

I decided to use repetition to exaggerate how much is tied to my culture and tradition itself.

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