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Poem by Anonymous Student

You see a tree my family tree

Over fifty members I shall tell thee

We trade oranges and red packets cause we Chinese

Everyday my breakfast is just chocolate and cheese

The Japanese tormented our previous generation

During the time when there were no train station

Through all the hardships that they had to endure

We were born and became the ice that will never thaw

Chinese New Year is the time to visit

Filial piety and bonding is why we need it

Every time my cousins and I try to gamble

Our parents will never forget to berate and ramble

Whenever my soul and heart corrode

My parents will always try their best to help erode

They whipped and tore my butt cheeks too raw

Ashamed to be punished from the ones I adore

Love for our family is always the priority

And romance will forever be left secondary

This is all I have on my family culture

Grateful to share with my friends and my teacher


I wrote this poem for the sake of getting enough sleep. Long story short, I forgot that this assignment was due the next day, so at 12am I took 10 minutes to speedrun a poem due to the time constraint I had and the fact that rhymes are not only my fortè, but also easy to create and write. That poem i wrote somehow turned out pretty well and here we are now. In my poem, i wrote about my family culture and practices and shortened each of then into at most 2 lines, then I mixed and match them into stanzas that relate to the same topic. The rhyming words at the back of each sentence were just words that popped in my mind at the moment because I was in a rush so I forgot my thought process, apologies. From this post exam activity, I learnt that for the sake of sleep, one can prove himself worthy enough to be mistaken for a god and last minute work is goat, thanks for reading.

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