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Poem By Faith, Kailyn, Aswin, Elizabel, Isabelle

Group 1 1B/21

Faith, Kailyn, Aswin, Elizabel, Isabelle

Being invisible


Hiding my pain


The shadow of depression

Looms over me constantly.

Never leaving me alone

My two lifeless eyes

Staring at the ground aimlessly

Hiding my pain

Hiding my sorrow

Behind my facade of joy


Darkness engulfs me as

I shut my eyes tightly

I am a prisoner

A prisoner to my depression

The chains of my sadness

Dragging me down

Into the abyss

I try

I try to escape

But I’m weighed down by my melancholy


Shards of traumatic memories

Cut into me,

Like broken glass.

Incident after incident

Flash across my mind

Like a streak of lightning

I gasp for breath,

Clutching my head frantically

The world is spinning around me


Everywhere I go,

Darkness follows me

Like heavy clouds

constantly looming over me

I am shattered

Trying my best

To re-ensemble

The pieces of my soul


But I can’t

And I never will.

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