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Poem By Shaza, Natalie, Kaelynn, Megan, Chee Teck

Day to Night

The hands have shifted,

So quickly I didn’t notice sooner

I feel like a burden has been lifted,

The twenty-fourth hour is now a tad closer

The sun takes cover,

‘Neath the colliding waves of colour

Soon all will fade to black—gone is the sky’s blusher,

The day’s activities were all to discover

My shoulders ache,

And so do my back, legs, and every single muscle in my body,

I think my bones are about to break,

Rest is essential lest my work become sloppy

Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Earl Grey,

Hunting down my favourite tea

Chamomile, Ginger and Boba to call it a day,

A blanket around me

The hands have shifted,

So slowly I noticed sooner

Sleep eludes me—I haven’t drifted,

But it sneaks up later, an intruder

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