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Poem By Sheryl Yip Li Shuen, Theodore Teo Xu, Shreya Panda, Ethan Sim Yi Hian, Nguyen Thu Ha

It all started as a tiny wish

So far-fetched, with hardly any chance of happening

It was every child's dream once

The thought of it was simply baffling

I want to time travel, I holler

But my hopes were getting smaller and smaller

But one day, it happened

And it caught me off guard

My eyes flashed open one day, in a different land

My heart pumped in my chest and I clasped my clammy hands

Where am I? I glanced about the particular place

The heat draining my energy, sunlight beating down on my face

I looked around, perplexed, hoping for attention

But no one glanced in my direction

What a treacherous place, I thought

Hopelessness filled every ounce of my being.

Chaos littered the world, war raged in all directions, like for instance

The cannons firing in the distance

I want to go back, back when there's no war

But unfortunately, you get what you wish for

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